For booking agencies, artists & artist managers

ABOSS has two different back office solutions; ABOSS Agency for booking agents and ABOSS Artist for artists and artist managers.

ABOSS offers the possibility to reduce and professionalize the so-called back-office activities for artists and booking agencies in such a way that everyone involved can focus on their core task: artists on creating, managers on their artists career development and growth and booking agents on getting the artist at the right place at the right time.

Two systems,
One core.


Book, administrate and advance your artist's shows easy and efficiently.


Run your artist business and stay on top like a boss.

Unlimited users

Our monthly prices are fixed, we don’t charge per user,
so you never pay more if you hire someone new or
or temporarily.

The ABOSS App for artist & crew

View your artist calendar with all the notes and events, including productional, technical, logistic and contact information. Download all files related to the event, view your travel itinerary with all the necessary information for your flights, ground transportation and accomodation.

With the ABOSS App your artist and crew always have access to the latest event and travel info. For example: See your travel party. Download your boarding pass at the gate when you board, download your parking e-ticket upon arrival at a festival, and view your technical specs during the soundcheck. You'll see all the contact and technical info upon arrival at the venue/festival. See the line up when its final, see what SFX is available for the show and view the guestlist before the show starts. You can view your press schedule before leaving the hotel or check the navigation address and distance between parking and stage to plan accordingly!
Always up to date when you're online and information is also available when you're offline.

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Contracts & Invoices

Whenever you create a new event, ABOSS can automatically generate a contract and multiple invoices related to this event. All info that you've added or updated to the event and it's deal can be used in the contract and invoices. Select our standard template or create your own custom templates.

Keep track of the status of your contract (Ready, Send, Retour & Confirmed) and your invoices (Ready, Send, Paid). In the contract and invoices modules you can see all your generated contracts and invoices and filter them on their status and export the selection to an Excel or CSV file.

Partial Payments
Need to divide payments on an invoice into several payments? You can setup several payments on an invoice, each with their own due date and keep track what percentage of the invoice is still due.

With ABOSS Agency you can create your own contract and invoice templates with our WYSIWYG editor located in the Office Module. With our WYSIWYG editor you can see the changes while you're editing your template or use HTML for more advanced styling.

Our templates use Liquid as template language, with liquid you can select what info (Event, Deal, Client, Location) you'd like to use in the template and even choose how you'd like to format your dates or calculate in the template with deal info.

Key Features


Advanced Search on all your bookings, select your columns and export to PDF & Excel.

External Advancing

Send out an Advancing request to the promotor and automate your advancing.


Link your travel events to the related events and generate travel itineraries.


Add the deal to your event to generate statistics and artist statements.


Upload files like passport copies and riders to send out to clients.


Add the advancing to your event for easy communication and view all your todos.

Other features

  • Contact database for companies & contacts
  • Location database
  • Store files related to contacts
  • Google Places integration
  • Automatic debtor, invoice and contract numbering
  • Add Labels to events including permissions Artist only
  • Automatically generate and send out itineraries
  • Build and send out guestlists
  • Invite Artist & Crew to their calendar with view permissions
  • Automatically generate and export your artist statements
  • Todo system
  • Internal Bookingsform through non-destructive workflow Agency only
  • External Bookingsform to integrate in your website
  • Ticket Sales overview
  • Add flights, pick ups, hotel, train, boat items to the artist calendar
  • Flightnumber integration
  • Outgoing mailbox
  • In ABOSS Support

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